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Nouveaux arrivages en octobre

Parmi les nouveautés de ce mois-ci, on retrouve les jolies assiettes à gaufres en bâton idéales pour la marche et l'assiette à hamburger qui vous permettra de préparer un dîner complet avec un seul appareil.

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Ensemble tondeuse visage, cheveux et corps 10 in 1

Produit unique pour 10 accessoires: tondeuse à cheveux, coupe-barbe, coupe-nez et oreilles, rasoir, tête de précision et 5 tondeuses à cheveux. Equipé de lames en acier, 4 tondeuses à cheveux avec 4 longueurs de coupe de 3 à 12 mm et 1 peigne pour ajuster la barbe de 4 à 7 mm réglable. Fonctionnement rechargeable et câblé avec une autonomie allant jusqu'à 60 minutes avec une recharge de 90 minutes. Fourni avec une base pour le support, un peigne, de l'huile de graissage et une brosse de nettoyage.

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Nouvelle collection Chauffage 2020-2021

La nouvelle collection Chauffage 2020-2021 est maintenant disponible.
Demandez votre catalogue avec toutes les nouvelles.

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Épilateur rechargeable

Des pulls pleins de peluches et de peluches?
L'épilateur Beper est idéal! Utilisez-le également pour vos foulards, gants, couvertures et canapés.

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Balai sans fil rechargeable

Balai sans fil rechargeable. Tube en aluminium détachable pour devenir aspirateur pratique. Réservoir facilement vidé d'une capacité de 500 ml. Batterie lithium 22,2V à haute efficacité, avec une autonomie d’environ 40 minutes. La brosse motorisée aspire facilement la saleté des sols et des tapis, la buse à crevasse vous permet de nettoyer les coins et les zones difficiles, la buse à brosse est idéale pour nettoyer les canapés et les tissus. Une base de fixation murale pratique est également fournie pour pouvoir ranger le balai.

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lunch boxFOODY

Foody is an electric lunchbox with a heating system, it'equipped with two covered sauce trays.  It's ideal to bring your favorite foods to the office or wherever you want. The lunchbox contains a main tray with two removable dividers and a separate space for fork and spoon. Thanks to the foldable handle it is easy to carry with you and with a car socket is ideal for travel.

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You want a healthy diet, but can't give up taste? AIRFRYER is the right solution for you. You can fry with just one spoon of oil thanks to the generated hot air whirlpool, combining great taste and health!

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1967 - 2017

BEPER celebrated the founder's 50th anniversary, Gianluca Bosetto, with a NEW coffee machine from the 1967 EDITION line.

The new machine has been designed as an iconic object with a strong aesthetic character maintaining performance and quality. T

he Italian company, leader in small household appliances, knows well the coffee lovers taste: and with this new machine everyone will be able to enjoy a few minutes of intense pleasure with real Italian coffee.

Care in detail, study and research are the pillars to satisfy the most demanding palates and many Italian espresso lovers.


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Signor FRULLO, Signor SUCCO, Signor FRULLATO LINE are realized with a more elegant dress to bring style and practicality at home. They are unique.
BEPER new Signor FRULLO 90.455 is an HAND BLENDER with cup, steel body and blades, ergonomic handle and 5 setting speeds. It's perfect to prepare a lot of recipes. Read more 
Signor SUCCO 90.426 is an ELECTRIC CITRUS JUICER  with steel housing which is equipped with press handle and spout with anti-drip function to facilitate operation and get a good and nutritious juice. More info
Finally Signor FRULLATO 90.437 is a practical BLENDER with steel housing and blades, dishwasher safe, graduated glass jar and 2 adjustable speeds. The perfect tool to blend easily different kind of ingredients. Further details 

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VIVI BENE LINE has been thought for wellness lovers. For those who don’t want to stop of taking care of their psychophysical form, staring  with an healthy and varied eating. Kitchen tools to prepare nutritious recipes with a lighter taste. A green product line to approach the naturalness.

BEPER ELECTRIC FOOD SPIRALIZER 90.200 has been equipped with 2 interchangeble cones with removable blades, one of these for a thin cut (spaghetti) and the other for a coarse cot (tagliatelle). It realizes spaghetti and ribbons of zucchini, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, turnips, radishes and many others vegetables. Fresh and healthy  food to help wellness achivement. More details

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BEPER is a dynamic entity in continuous transformation and fully committed to new projects.
One of these has been realized with the creation of a new product line:

BEPERONCINO LINE is a proposal for those who love to live home with style, without compromising  everyday convenience. Tools with innovative design, technically performing and easy to use are the result of the perfect combination of appearance and functionality.
Red shades glide gracefully on the products bringing out all their charm.

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The cold awakens joint and muscle pains. Here's how to relieve the discomfort in an easy and effective way.
Warming up some specific areas with high temperatures, such as lower back and cervical area, can have analgesic actions.
BEPER WAIST WARMER RI.434 and SHOULDER WARMER RI.433, with their power selection, detachable remote control and over heating protection, can sooth pain avoiding taking medicines and its side effects.
Technical details:

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Steaming is perhaps one of the most nutritious ways for cooking your food, because it allows boiling water to vaporize into steam, and this steam heats the food without removing its nutrients.
Steaming is impossible without the right kitchen tools.
BEPER new STEAM COOKER 90.541 tooks first place because it has a stainsteel base, water level indicator, automantic shut-off, 5 preset programs.
It has been equipped with 3 steaming layers, making it easier to steam different foods (vegetables, meats, seafood, etc…) at the same time and get delightful meals.

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BEPER is glad to present its new pan line:

Teka line, 5-mm thick cast aluminium pans, stands out for its original and well-finished design.
Handles, thanks to their wood finish, make Teka line design attractive and modern. They are made of soft touch material to ensure a perfect grip.
Teka’s glass lid with silicone rim is realized with a new escape vent technology (without hole), in order to make cooking more performing and design more attractive.

High quality. Great elegance. More efficiency.

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BEPER Mixer 90.347 is the result of ongoing research and product development on which BEPER bases every new creation.

BEPER mixer has been accessorized with stainless steel rotating bowl, swing mechanism, 2 beaters and 2 dough hooks, making it perfect for any dish preparation.

Cooking has never been so easy.