Chez Beper, nous sommes également du côté de l'Italie qui résiste et nous voulons apporter notre contribution pour faire face à l'urgence.

Nous sommes honorés d'apporter un soutien immédiat et concret à l'hôpital Borgo Trento de Vérone, en faisant don d'équipement à l'unité de soins intensifs néonatals et à l'unité de premiers soins pédiatriques, afin de pouvoir faire face à l'urgence sanitaire qui a gravement affecté Vérone et l'Italie.

Beper souhaite exprimer sa profonde gratitude aux médecins, infirmières et agents de santé, aux membres de la Protection civile et de la Croix-Rouge qui, chaque jour, avec un grand sens civique et une générosité, se sont engagés en première ligne, pour faire face à cette urgence, pour le bien de toute la communauté.


Beper nommé Company 4.0

Beper nommé Enterprise 4.0 par l'Université de Vérone et la Chambre de commerce de Vérone


Special Mention Company 4.0 Transformation numérique

Nous sommes fiers d'avoir reçu une mention spéciale de l'Université de Vérone et de la Chambre de commerce pour avoir participé à Impresa 4.0 Digital Transformation


Beper est le sponsor officiel du Verona Wine Guide

Beper est heureux d'être le sponsor officiel du TOP 100 Verona Wine Guide.

Guide officiel des meilleurs vins de la région de Verona.




Beper Winter Days

Con la fine di maggio si sono conclusi i Winter Days, le giornate a porte aperte in Beper per la presentazione delle novità e dei nuovi prodotti del catalogo Riscaldamento 2020. Un doveroso grazie a tutti i clienti che sono venuti a trovarci in azienda


Economia sostenibile e closed loop supply chain in Beper

Grande successo l'evento sulla Closed Loop Supply Chain #CLSC  e la sostenibilità economica e sociale organizzato in #Beper 
Un grazie a tutti i numerosi partecipanti e all'organizzazione di #confindustria #verona


Seminario di Confindustria sull'Economia circolare in Beper


Beper Day 2019

Si è concluso con successo il Beper Day 2019, meeting  internazionale che ha coinvolto i collaboratori Beper di tutto il mondo, in cui è stata presentata la nuova collezione 2019. Cogliamo l'occasione per ringraziare tutti i partecipanti ed esprimere la nostra soddisfazione per la buona riuscita dell'evento. 


Beper and AEO

From January 2018 Beper has become Authorized Economic Operator, AEO

  • Faster, leaner and more effective controls
  • Better relationships with Custom Authorities
  • Worldwide and European accountability and safety

A new tool for reaching together always new objectives



BEPER is a brand born to create home appliances able to simplify everyday life as well as be seen as design furniture.

BEPER reflects its italian cultural heritage in all its creations, with a special focus on ITALIAN DESIGN.

A comfortable place is also defined by a careful search for the novelty where comfort, practicality and beauty are combined to perfection.

Attention to details, great ideas and design are the basis of our products success.

BEPER stands for unique and added value that we all need to live every day.

The curiosity and desire to push higher and higher are our work's fuel.




BEPER thinks for Social

BEPER is a modern and dynamic company, with an active role also in the social sphere.
BEPER realized with Oppeano district a new initiative: a contribution to Social Services  for the achievement of a great goal.
Here the letter of thanks by the Mayor Pietro Luigi Giaretta.



Environmentally friendly organisation

Environmental protection is key in BEPER’s corporate policy and R&D strategy.
BEPER has always shown a great interest in environmental issues, trying to reduce its impact on the environment.
BEPER uses natural resources with intelligence and responsibility, following strictly the rules for waste collection and recycling, promoting the adoption of eco-friendly technologies and products.



Creativity and enthusiasm
Curiosity and the desire to grow more and more are the driving forces of BEPER's work.

Commitment and pursuit of constant improvement
Thanks to dedication and efforts the most innovative ideas born, used by BEPER to satisfy costumers' needs and contribute to improve their everyday life.

Authenticity and pride of our origins
BEPER merges functionality with fashion, basing any of its products on the distinctive Italian cultural heritage and sense of beauty.



You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

Every week news, events and curiosity on BEPER and small domestic appliance world will be published over our media channels.

Stay tuned.


Nuovo sito beper

Lancio del nuovo sito internet aziendale: facilemente navigabile, responsive per tutti i dispositivi, collegato ai social network aziendali.

Per essere sempre connesso alle ultime novità di prodotti.