Pulizie di Primavera: i vantaggi della pulizia a vapore

È arrivato il momento delle temute pulizie di primavera;  pratica spesso stancante ma fondamentale per vivere in un ambiente pulito e igienizzato.

Per questo, il catalogo Beper offre una linea di piccoli e medi elettrodomestici che ci permettono di pulire con efficacia ed in profondità tutti i punti della casa! Per una maggiore igienizzazione, consigliamo la pulizia a vapore: una tecnica che funziona attraverso alcuni macchinari che emettono vapore a temperatura e pressione molto alte. L'azione combinata di queste due condizioni premette di pulire, disinfettare e sterilizzare la propria casa perfettamente, poiché il vapore caldo elimina i batteri, le muffe e tanti acari che spesso causano reazioni allergiche. 

Inoltre, la pulizia a vapore non richiede l'utilizzo di detergenti o prodotti chimici inquinanti, quindi risulta estremamente ecologica ed economica: permette di detergere ed igienizzare la casa con la sola forza naturale del vapore!

Per pulire una casa in modo pratico, veloce ed eco-friendly, i nostri pulitori a vapore fanno sicuramente al caso vostro!




Barbecue time!

Easter barbecues are now a tradition: simple, fun, they satisfy all palates: from adults to children, from meat lovers to those who prefer a vegetarian menu! Here are the 5 rules to follow to make the perfect bbq:

1. It is forbidden to pierce the meat because you risk ruining it; in fish, on the other hand, avoid damaging the scales because they act as protection.
2. For marinating, avoid lemon; prefer good oil and some spices, such as pepper, paprika, garlic powder, bay leaf or others.
3.Not all meats are suitable for grilling, so be sure to inform yourself and choose the right raw materials.
4. Use coarse salt only at the end of cooking.
5. To prevent the meat from sticking or burning, make sure the grill is clean and well oiled, and check the temperature.

Last piece of advice: BBQ cooking takes time, because food needs to be cooked slowly and carefully to ensure maximum flavour and maintain the best texture, so arm yourself with PATIENCE and good company!

Discover the Beper products in the BBQ line, perfect for a super barbecue in good company!


Il team Beper sulla neve!


The perfect Father's Day gift!

Father's Day is approaching and we at Beper would like to send our sincere best wishes to all fathers, thanking them for what they do for their families!

If you still haven't found the right gift, our men's beard and hair care line might be just the thing for you. 
You'll find our best-selling products needed not only for shaving, but also for trimming face and body!

            BEARD TRIMMER           |          HAIR CLIPPER         |          DEPILATOR


Discover the men's line and get inspired to find the perfect gift!


Beper promuove la sostenibilità

Come ogni anno Beper si impegna a promuovere e regalare le nostre borracce isolanti per sensibilizzare le future generazioni sul tema ecologico e sulla sostenibilità. Il nostro Nicolò Favalli, accompagnato dal vicesindato Angelica Bissoli di San Pietro di Morubio (VR), hanno fatto visita alla classe 1° elementare dell’Istituto Fratelli Sommariva di Bonavicina.

È importante spiegare ai bambini quanto siano fondamentali dei piccoli gesti per sostenere ed aiutare noi ed il nostro pianeta.

Una semplice borraccia, infatti, è un piccolo ma grande alleato dell’ambiente e della nostra salute. Essa infatti permette di avere un notevole risparmio del consumo di plastica, legato all’acquisto di bottigliette d’acqua; ci ricorda anche di bere più acqua durante il giorno, contribuendo a migliorare la nostra idratazione quotidiana!


Happy Women's Day!

On 8 March 1946, for the first time, the whole of Italy celebrated Women's Day and, as the symbol of this occasion, the mimosa, a plant that blooms in the first days of March, was chosen. Over the years, this day has become an opportunity to claim women's rights.

To all women, we at Beper offer our sincerest wishes! 

For this occasion, we would like to offer you a selection of gifts that will allow you to surprise your special lady.

In our skin care line, you can find just the right gift to remind her of the importance of taking care of herself, loving herself and always being proud of herself.




Thanks to an increased approach to a healthier lifestyle, the air fryer has become the trendiest appliance. 
Indeed, social media is full of reels and tutorial videos that allow us to cook healthy but tasty food with the air fryer, without sacrificing taste!

To make the best use of it, there are many accessories that can help a lot in the preparation of different recipes. We suggest a few that may come in handy:
OVEN PAPER FOR AIR FRYERS: a practical set of no less than 100 oven paper trays ideal for fryers with 20 cm diameter baskets; the trays are non-stick, oil-repellent, waterproof and biodegradable and are very useful for arranging and removing food from the basket, avoiding soiling. Thanks to the perforated base, air circulates easily and promotes even cooking of your dishes. They can also be used in conventional ovens and steamers.

SPRAY FOR CONDIMENTS - 90ML: glass container and steel cap, the Beper sprayer is perfect for dosing seasonings correctly, especially for those who want/need to avoid excesses; in fact, the transparent graduated body makes it easy to control. Ideal for use with the hot air fryer, because you can spray the oil directly onto the food after placing it in the basket. Can also be used for other liquid condiments such as vinegar, lemon juice, soy sauce, and water etc.. Capacity 90ml

NEW CONDIMENT SPRAY - 250ML: our new condiment sprayer, still made with a transparent, graduated glass body, but with a white BPA free plastic cap and a larger capacity: 250 ml

Discover our selection of AIR FRYERS and choose the one most suitable for you to use these handy accessories with!



Lovers' Day is approaching! Are you looking for a gift, but don't know what to get according to your budget?
Don't worry. We'll help you out at Beper!

This year, surprise your sweetheart with a gift designed especially for him/her!

Hair, just like beards, needs a lot of care and, above all, the right products! Our hair lines for men and women are perfect: you will find many gift ideas that will allow you to surprise your other person with a gift that is different from the usual, but made from the heart! 

Take care of her and help her take care of herself!



An iron is an indispensable tool to have in the home, but it is important to choose a good quality one that has all the functions that make ironing clothes perfect! There are many different sizes and types of irons: it depends on people's needs, the amount of clothes to be ironed and the type of fabrics we wear most!

Before buying one, however, it is important to analyse the type and functions of the models on the market; in fact, irons are divided into three macro-categories


The Beper catalogue offers a very varied range of irons, bringing together a large assortment of efficient and easy-to-use irons that will allow you to keep your garments clean and crease-free easily.



An easy way to gain a lot of space in your laundry area is to place your washing machine and dryer on top of each other. Everything will be tidier and more practical!

Beper offers you the Universal Washer and Dryer Stacking Kit: ideal for creating a safe and stable support for your appliances.

It is a metal structure with a space-saving wooden shelf, designed to make it easier to fill and unload your laundry. The load capacity of the structure is a maximum of 200 kg and that of the pull-out shelf 15 kg. The stability of the structure is guaranteed by the 6-metre safety strap and the included non-slip stickers. 

The kit is compatible with all front-loading tumble dryers with a maximum width of 60 cm and a depth between 45-60 cm.


Last minute gifts ideas!

25 December is only a few days away, but you haven't bought all your presents? 
Don't worry! We have also thought of those who, for one reason or another, are always down to the last minute! 

Very often, the most appreciated gifts are those that focus on relaxation and allow us to take a break, if only for a little while, from the daily hustle and bustle.

We therefore propose some articles from our Wellness Line: between massagers and face brushes, you will find many products that will allow you to give your loved ones true moments of well-being!




Ideas for Christmas presents

It's never too early to start talking about possible Christmas gifts: if you're looking for the perfect one, we suggest you visit the Beper line for Forneria Verona, where you can find many products dedicated to cooking, perfect for those who love to cook and make their loved ones happy when they sit at their table!

Here is a selection of ideas for Christmas gifts with which you can amaze your friends or relatives!
They are designed for all tastes, all needs and all budgets!





New product


Given the success of our rechargeable table lamps, we have decided to bring them back, with a new twist!

The light colour (warm, cold or natural) can always be selected with a simple touch; and the intensity is also easily adjusted with the power button!

So what makes them different from the old model? The fact that these lamps can be used in a traditional way or can give an extremely elegant and personal touch to our table! How?

Thanks to the 33mm bottle adapter included in the package, you can place our lamp on a bottle, e.g. of wine, and place it in the centre of your table, to create a personalised and out-of-the-box lamp!






Now that the cold weather is starting to make itself felt, we can show you our new items in the heating line!

Our new stoves are just the thing for you! Visit our website and contact your sales representative to find out the prices of these brand new articles, perfect for winter!




Diffusers and essential oils in the office

Essential oils can have a positive effect on our minds through the scents they give off. In addition to the home environment, it is also highly recommended to use room diffusers in the office, since this is where we spend most of our time. Thanks to their properties, they promote concentration, relieve tensions accumulated during a busy working day and stimulate attention.
Our Home Decor line offers different types of diffusers, from the more classic to the more unique ones that also serve as design objects!


Discover these and more on our website!


Lampada ricaricabile Beper

Siamo lieti di condividere con voi una notizia emozionante!

La nostra lampada ricaricabile Beper è stata recentemente menzionata nella prestigiosa testata WIRED nella loro selezione delle migliori lampade da tavolo senza fili.

Questa selezione è stata fatta tra i più noti brand di design con una lunga esperienza nel settore dell'illuminazione, nonché tra le proposte delle aziende che offrono prodotti innovativi con un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo.

Questo riconoscimento ci riempie di orgoglio e conferma il nostro impegno costante per offrire prodotti di alta qualità e innovativi ai nostri clienti. Siamo grati per il vostro supporto e la vostra fiducia in Beper.

La nostra lampada ricaricabile Beper è il risultato di anni di ricerca, sviluppo e passione per il design e l'illuminazione. È progettata per offrire non solo un'illuminazione eccezionale ma anche un'esperienza senza fili, comoda e affidabile.

La sua presenza nella selezione di WIRED è un riconoscimento della sua eccellenza e dell'attenzione ai dettagli che mettiamo in ogni prodotto che creiamo.

Grazie ancora per la vostra preferenza. Siamo entusiasti di continuare a servirvi e di condividere ulteriori successi futuri con voi.

Per saperne di più sulla lampada Beper e sulle sue caratteristiche, non esitate a contattarci o scopri di più.


October: the month of prevention

Prevention has been playing an increasingly important role in recent years. October, in fact, has become 'the month of prevention' because we want to emphasise the importance of this practice. Unfortunately, nowadays, our days are devoted solely to work, families and various commitments, and this leads us to postpone medical check-ups or underestimate new symptoms that could sometimes turn out to be alarm bells.

By performing regular check-ups, we can detect and prevent many pathologies and thus act in a timely manner.

Regular check-ups are essential: they enable us to detect and prevent many pathologies, to understand if there is something to keep under control or even just to confirm one's state of health!

Discover the Beper medical health line, you will find many items that are a must-have in the home to keep your health under control for the whole family!




Il forte legame con la natura e con il mondo dello sport hanno spinto Beper a sostenere il circuito Parco del Golf Musella con la Beper Golf Cup.

Saranno 5 appuntamenti 1-7-15-21-29 ottobre

Invitiamo tutti gli appassionati di Golf a partecipare e gli amanti dello sport a venire a seguire questo appassionante torneo. 

Determinazione, rispetto e perseveranza sono alcuni dei valori che ci legano a questa disciplina.  Crediamo nel miglioramento costante, per raggiungere risultati di eccellenza nell’Italian Design & Quality.



We are very proud that Beper is part of this important project promoted by iN's Mercato, aimed at supporting Made in Italy pink entrepreneurship and women's empowerment.

For this project, the Volumising Hair Dryer Brush was created, with special limited edition packaging.

Why the brush? To represent a symbol of beauty, of love for oneself and one's body; because to love oneself and to work on one's self-esteem, it is essential to take care of oneself. 

Special thanks to Catia Tosi - head of Beper S.r.l. - for her dedication so far both in her working life and in her family life!

To read more about the project and read the article, please visit:


Breakfast with Beper

If you can't start your morning without a coffee, the Beper breakfast line is definitely for you!

In our catalogue, you will find the Lucilla classic coffee maker and the Lucilla electric coffee maker with timer, which will allow you to prepare up to 3 cups of coffee at the same time and in just a few minutes, maintaining the temperature for 30 minutes.

And for those who need one of those huge cups from overseas TV series, here is the American coffee machine, with a 600 ml graduated glass carafe, washable and reusable plastic filter and measuring cup included. 

For those accustomed to breakfast at the bar, our electric milk frothers may be of interest. With these you can prepare a cappuccino at home quickly, but enjoy it at your leisure... you won't regret drinking it in a hurry at the counter! Try the electric milk frother or the electric and magnetic version!

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